Focused/Full Service
When we’re hired in the early dev stages, we can provide perspective and identify (and help maintain) focus on key USPs that will excite consumers and the media. We then follow up with the PR, Marketing, and Sales departments to ensure those USPs are properly messaged throughout the project and finally to the game buyer and media.

Late in Development
Although it might seem there’s not a lot that can be done once you’re within 4-6 months of a game’s release, there are still vital opportunities to gain control over everything that CAN be done, and to put the product in the best release light and best retail packaging possible. Our goal is to move the needle – we might not turn a 200,000 seller into a million-selling blockbuster, but we’re confident we can add 10-15% to the game’s best projections.

Portfolio consulting
Tackling a company’s entire portfolio of products and consulting on positioning, release timing, etc.. We look for the features that we believe can earn better sales and more meaningful media – and help to avoid the stumbling blocks.

Developer Pitch Consulting
Work with developers on honing their pitch to help land them deals with publishers. We’ll help them understand what a Publisher and a consumer want in a game, and how to promise (and deliver) a product that will deliver real sales success.